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Leyland cypress is an appealing choice for medium to large landscapes and makes an excellent choice for a quick specimen lawn tree or a privacy hedge. Get tips for growing a Leyland cypress tree here. If you're growing a hedge, a space of 8 to 10 feet between trees is ideal. It will take about five to seven years for the space between the trees to fill. Planting instructions: 1) To plant a Leyland Cypress, dig a planting hole twice the size of the root ball and as deep as the soil in the container. When Leyland Cypress Trees are planted in rows, their thick foliage creates a massive green barrier. When planting in rows for a privacy screen, space each tree about 5 feet apart. For even better results, plant them in a staggered row, about 8 feet apart. Why we don't recommend Leyland Cypress Trees Leyland Cypress trees and similar like Thuja Green Giant trees can provide great privacy but have huge issues when it comes to offering privacy long term. A thread in the Beginner Gardening forum, titled spacing leyland cypress. PLANTFILES. FORUMS. ARTICLES. HOME. GUIDES & INFORMATION. COMMUNITIES. GARDEN SHOWCASE. PRODUCTS & SOURCES. About Us. Sign Up. Log in. I have installed Leyland Cypress 5' apart and 10' apart on many different Find out all you need to know about Thuja Green Giant in our Tree Guide. X. Disease Resistant - Resistant to bagworms and other diseases than commonly affect Leyland Cypress; Spacing Consider Thuja Emerald which grows only 7-8 feet tall. Leyland Cypress, Thuja Wintergreen are other Bunny Guinness offers expert advice on how to grow a Leyland Cypress Hedge. Accessibility links. but many are surprised at the amount of space and light gained and relieved by the lower Leyland cypress has been planted by the millions (perhaps billions) all over the world. In the proper site (full sun, well-drained soil) a Leyland cypress can be an asset to your landscape. But improper planting leads to a short life, disease, and disappointme

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