I am very tired of studying and I want to quit everything. These daily activities, constant homework, I'm tired of doing them. I don't understand how people can enjoy studying.

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It seems to me that only excellent students enjoy their studies. They just love to learn everything. I'm definitely not one of those people. I choose to buy essays online and solve the rest of the tasks in a similar style. Let everything be done for me, I want it to be so.

First, you need to read, read, and read widely and deeply, both mainstream stuff and from the fringes, so that you have more expanded perspectives.

Next, just write, write, and write, everyday, according to my good buddy and fellow explorer Dilip Mukerjea, based in Mumbai, India, who happens to be an accomplished writer in his own right, with more than a dozen of books about the brain, learning, creativity, strategy and mastery, to his credit. He is concurrently MD of the Singapore-based Braindancing International.

He says to write at least 500 to 1000 words a day.

Backed by my voracious reading pursuits, I started writing my own newsletter about brain/mind fitness back in the mid-80's, and circulated them to my friends, at no charge.

You need to try writing an essay. I can tell you that a blank page is always intimidating. So whenever you have a topic for an essay, first write a free text or make a visual outline. To write free text, give yourself 20 minutes to write non-stop. Set a timer and write everything you know you like or dislike about the topic. You can also use expository essay topics to make writing easier for yourself.If you get stuck, keep writing that last word over and over again until it pushes you to something else. Trust me. It works.

I never imagined it would be that simple to conquer the challenges of writing a college assignment. I had issues with my term paper, but happily I discovered best paper writing service, which was fantastic. Despite the fact that I felt the situation was hopeless, they prepared my term paper fast and affordably. I'm so delighted I discovered 1essaywritingservice!

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