Used car dealer won’t allow a pre-purchase inspection of an old van

I’m looking at an old Ford van for around $3000 and the salesman is saying his boss doesn’t allow anything to leave the lot and that it’s not normal for car lots to allow that. My mechanic said this means they’re hiding something. The first two google results say the same thing.

The salesman said it passed (Mass.) inspection earlier this year so that means it’s fine. It’s being sold in New Hampshire, which doesn’t have a lemon law for used cars.

So does this mean he definitely knows something is wrong with it?

Is there a good tactic for persuading him to let someone inspect it?

I kind of want to buy something soon, but the first two private sellers I talked to didn’t want any inspection done, and now same thing with this dealer.

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I advise you to choose a new car from another seller. I don't think it's normal for the owner to forbid you to look at the car. Choose another car and have it delivered to your house. This option is much better in my opinion.

It's actually very strange that the owner of that car won't let you inspect it before you buy it. Maybe there are some significant problems that he doesn't want to tell you about in order to sell the car faster. If you do find a van or any other vehicle, you can order cross country car shipping. Usually, those who sell cars or any other vehicles will allow you to inspect the vehicle before you buy it. So you can safely order the delivery of the car to your home, examine it in detail, and already make conclusions.

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