It seems to me that my hopes are at the limit and soon my hands will drop. So here I am, I will come to terms with the idea that I will always be alone ..

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Hello everyone! It seems to me that you dropped your hands too late. Indeed, even in old age, people can find their destiny and live happily for the remaining period of time. Plus, there are many dating sites that you yourself would be in the dark to use. Here are of them, a lot of users are registered there and I think you can find your soul mate there.

It is always unpleasant when you are without a relationship for a long time, I understand how this can hurt your self-esteem. I think you shouldn't get hung up on it and you just need to move on and not get discouraged.

Thanks for your attention here. You know, I think that you need to read more articles on the Internet because it can be quite useful for you. I believe that this one on can be helpful too. If you have some free time - go and check it right there.

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